• What I wore to London Fashion Week and my favourite trends
  • What I wore to London Fashion Week and my favourite trends

    Last weekend was my first time visiting London Fashion Week. The invitation came as a quite surprise to me, I didn’t expect that at all! So you can imagine my excitement when I got the invitation and when I attended the shows. It was definitely a highlight of my autumn to be able to see Oxford Fashion Studio runway show at London Fashion Week! 


    During London Fashion Week you can see people dressing up in the most outstanding outfits, such as ball gowns and large headpieces even in the daytime shows. I wanted to stay true to my personal style and also avoid buying anything that I couldn’t see myself wearing again. Therefore I chose a feminine outfit with puff-sleeve blouse and a tweed like pinafore dress with my dusky pink kitten heels. I accessorised my outfit with a large pearl headband and my favourite white Furla bag. Apart from the bag, everything I wore was from the high street, and I still received lots of questions about where everything was from! It happened by accident when I was putting everything together, that I noticed it reminded me of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, but I love that kind of classic vibes so decided to own it! Few other people noticed that as well and complimented me on the outfit which was so lovely.

    Blouse (similar here), Pinafore here, Headband (simialr here), Heels (similar here), Furla Bag (similar here)


    The show I went to see was Oxford Fashion Studio Spring/Summer 2020 runway show, a combination of independent designers showcasing their work.

    One of my absolute favourites was Amaranthine Atelier, who’s collection, Heroes of our homeland, featured beautifully made military inspired outfits. I loved how the designer had combined the feminine silhouettes and structured shapes and used sturdy materials such as leather.

    Her whole collection was really wearable which was great to see, as of then the runway creations are thought more as art pieces than actual wearable items.

    Amaranthine Atelier at London Fashion Week – Photos by Oxford Fashion Studio

    Another favourite of mine was definitely Mercia Ramagaga, who’s collection, Tribute to Love is Happiness, was featuring white and black colours in a mix of different fabrics and patterns. Her style was very floaty and feminine which I really loved and could see how these pieces would easily be filtered down to ready-to-wear collection.

    Mercia Ramagaga at London Fashion Week – Photos from Oxford Fashion Studio

    I also saw interesting trends from other designers such as Isabel Mannswhose collection was filled with floral prints in powerful colours such as bright red and blue.

    Isabel Manns – Photos by Oxford Fashion Studio

    Sun in Leo the Label had focused their collections more on black and almost gothic outfits featuring lots of floaty see through fabrics and corsets or fitted bodysuits. Many outfits were also decorated with crosses or other symbols.

    Sun In Leo The Laber – Photos by Oxford Fashion Studio

    The most outstanding headpieces were featured in King and Reign collection “The Vivication”. The collection also featured feathers in many styles, mainly in black, pink and shimmery silver fabrics.

    King and Reign – Photos by Oxford Fashion Studio


    Although the show was Spring Summer 2020, I think many of the trends I saw are already visible on the high street this season. Perhaps we will see these trends developing more towards the springtime. I am currently self-studying fashion trends as much as I can to learn to understand and analyse how these trends are following the “20-year cycle” of fashion and which trends will become the hottest of the season. It is really interesting to me as I work in marketing and every day I am paying attention to how fashion is marketed to the consumers. I hope my analytical side doesn’t bore you!

    My experience of fashion week was so incredible and valuable learning point for me, I really hope to be able to attend in the future as well! 

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