• Classic spring staples
  • Classic spring staples

    Jumper: GANT (gifted) – Get 15% off from GANT with code HELMI15 / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Asos / Bag: Furla

    Full wardrobe but nothing to wear?

    How often have you struggled to put an outfit together although you have a wardrobe full of clothes? According to a study by ClosetMaid, and average woman has 103 items of clothing but uses only 10% of her wardrobe. Isn’t that crazy! But what makes us end up in that situation, we have a ton of clothes but nothing seems to suit our needs just then and there?

    I used to struggle with that all the time and I still sometimes do. The main issue for me was that I used to buy so many clothes that were in fashion right at that second, but suddenly when the season changed, those clothes seemed to have lost their sparkle. We seem to always want something new, don’t we? While it is fun to follow the trends and boost your outfits with new fashion season top picks, it can be hard to keep up. And in the event of “nothing to wear” situation, I often end up reaching out to something simple, classic, and often something I have had for a long time, because I know it works with my style.

    Be more timeless

    It may sound like an obvious answer to the problem but why is it still somehow so hard to execute? We get so tempted with the new trends coming into stores every season that we might not even remember what were the timeless pieces that suit our style the best. I think it is really important to understand why you reach out to those certain pieces time and time again. Why they make you feel good, how you express your style with them? Staples pieces can vary in every wardrobe depending on your style but they should always work as building blocks, whether it’s a leather jacket and a white t-shirt combo or sophisticated shirt and trousers outfit. Your staple pieces should work as versatile mixing materials that you can pull together into several outfits without feeling like you are wearing that trend that was so 2018.

    My classic favourites

    This spring I have been reaching some of my simple and classic staple pieces more often than ever, maybe because the weather has been so unpredictable or maybe because the current trendy pieces in stores haven’t really inspired me that much. You can probably guess my classic favourites already; White colour and a good mix of casual and feminine style, so those are the things I would first consider when building my timeless style.

    With classic timeless style, you would also expect a quality that lasts. So when GANT got in touch with me asking if I would like to become their ambassador, I was so excited, because I have been a big fan of their high quality clothes for a long time! The GANT jumper I am wearing (gifted) has become my favourite wardrobe staple piece to pair with classic blue jeans or a skirt and I can dress up my simple outfit with some wedges or go casual in sneakers. I love this kind of versatile items, that will stay timeless and never go into that “nothing to wear” category. And the best thing is, I can safely say that this jumper will last me much longer than some other items in my wardrobe due to it’s great quality. I am really glad that I can share a discount code with you so that you can get some timeless pieces in your wardrobe from GANT, with code HELMI15 you will get 15% off at gant.co.uk. I hope you’ll find some lovely classics go-to pieces!

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