• Perfect Over the Knee Boots
  • Perfect Over the Knee Boots

    When it comes to Autumn and winter outfits, one thing I always get exited to wear are Over the knee boots. They come back in fashion every year and there’s surely a good reason for that!

    I mean, who doesn’t love these perfect outfit elevating leg warmers? I find OTK boots are the best excuse to wear skirts long up to the winter months and at their best they can really make your outfit look so chic and more dressed up.


    As I already have a pair of black OTK boots, I decided to get new boots in taupe, and there were couple of important things I look for in my perfect boots:

    1. Pointed toe: It elongates your legs and it’s just so a classic look. There’s nothing wrong with rounded toe shape, it really depends on what you prefer, but if you are short like me, this is the leg-lengthening option to go for!
    2. Comfortable heel hight: If you are one of those people who wear heels most of the time, and not only for sit down occasions, it is so important that the heels are comfortable to actually walk with. Look for a block heel, lower heel height or platform shoe to save your feet from the pain! This pair I went for has a nice chunky low heel, but they still looks really flattering.
    3. Tight around the legs: There is just no point getting loosely fitting OTK boots unless they have a really good tie up lace on them. Don’t be fooled by boots that look pretty when you stand with them on in the store, if you can feel that they are loose around your thighs and ankles, they will fall down after you’ve walked one block down the street.

    Jumper: Topshop / Skirt: Topshop / OTK boots: Goodnight Macaroon

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